Smart City Solutions

Smart solution platform for cities

Our system provides a platform for any kind of smart city services (e.g. smart metering, smart parking, environmental monitoring, smart home, traffic monitoring, booking services). The platform is based on a data communication network which uses universal low-cost hardware devices that can be easily expanded.

This network expansion enables to share investment and maintenance costs between stakeholders, reducing costs for the city. Nodes support various network technologies to fulfil multi-use requirements. The system is universal, modular, and flexible, therefore supports the implementation of further smart solutions.

Our Solution

Based on Sharing Economy

Technology enables feature sharing among service providers
Cost (CAPEX & OPEX) sharing among operators
Enables implementation of third party solutions
Distributed infrastructure
Self-organized mesh sensor network

Soulution Benefits

Shared installation & maintenance costs
Low initial investment costs
Sustainable business model
Universal, modular & flexible smart solution for cities
Enhances local demand-driven smart city solutions
Quick ROI for cities & developers

Energy monitoring systems


Automatic and continuous data collection from any energy production system
Data is saved into the common database of the e-monitoring system
Visualization of real-time data
Comparison charts

Value proposition

Solid experience in integration with wide variety of hardware and software types
In-house developed data logger tool
Installation of infrastructure
Simple and user-friendly interface
Alerting in case of production disruptions

Solution components

Elements of the distributed infrastructure

Real-time online data visualization

Company & Contact

Smart City Solutions Ltd. is a reputable innovator based in Hungary, developing and delivering a smart solution platform for cities and automated e-monitoring systems.

Sándor Szabó, PhD managing director
+36 70 318 1959

Zoltán Hajas Dr. project manager
+36 30 562 5943